Background to Reiki

What is Reiki?

To me, Reiki is energy healing. Reiki draws energies from the Earth, channels them through the healer into the client and recycles them back through the Earth.


Reiki uses the chakra to balance energies throughout the body. The chakra's are mainly made up of seven points in the body which are viewed as having a different colour each. The base chakra is red and in the pelvic area, the next one up is in the lower belly and is orange, then we get to the lower rib cage and lungs which is yellow. Next up is the green heart chakra which is followed by the blue throat chakra. The head is indigo and the crown (top of the head) is violet - the colours of the rainbow.

I personally also work with the star chakra as well as the other seven chakra's. The star chakra is often seen as white and it is a metre or so under our feet.


What to expect from a Reiki treatment

The treatment itself is set up in a similar manner to a masage. However, the treatment can be done hands on or hands off. This will be discussed with you at the start.

Once comfortable on the massage table, I spend a few moments focussing before I begin. I start with the crown chakra and work all the way down the body (avoiding the private areas) to the toes. I perform a 'blowing away of the cobwebs' ritual then you turn over and we go through the chakra from head to toe with you lying on your front.

At the end, I sweep down your body a few times then 'seal' the fresh energies before finishing.


Where can the treatment be done?

I offer in my home or yours.

If it is in your home, it needs to be in a downstairs room where there are no distractions.


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