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Chakra Pouches   £11 plus p&p

Crystal Pouches     £4 plus p&p

Decorated Spoons £2:50 each plus p&p

Pendant on Silver Chain £7 plus p&p

Door Stops             £7 plus p&p

Seasoned English Oak and hand crafted.

Hag Stones            £1 plus p&p

Mini Crystal Grids/Altars       £11 plus p&p

These mini crystsl grids/altars are 15cm dismeter.

Please note:- crystals in the pictures are display only.  Bespoke crystal packages can be created - please state your requirements.

Elemental Spell bag £5 plus p&p

All you need to get you started with instructions. Included in a pretty organza bag: - A scroll advising you what to do for your spell. A tea light, a pentacle, an incense cone A fairy to hang in your window and herbs grown in my garden. All have been blessed under a full cycle of the moon. 

Colours and contents may vary.

Lucky Pendants £3 plus p&p

Angels, fairies or jewelled crosses in an orange organza bag. 

Colours of pendants can vary.

Spell Bottles          £4 each or 3 for £10 (plus p&p)

Wish Jars £3 plus p&p

Write your wish on the scroll inside and replace it in the jar then hand your jar on a tree or in a window and wait for your wish.

Mind, Body, Spirit pouch £5    plus p&p

Seven magical items in a pretty organza bag, to keep close to you. A coin you can’t spend so you always have money Thread to hold you together if you feel you are coming apart. A pretty marble in case you lose yours A heart to show you are loved A star to put sparkle in your life A sweet or chocolate to reward yourself. 

Contents and colours vary slightly.

Hanging Window Crystals              £10 plus p&p

Runes £15 plus p&p

Any type of rune you wish can be created, just send an enquiry and I will create unique pieces to your specifications.

Spell Bags             £3 plusp&p

Wands  £3 plus p&p


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