Rubek Spirit

Rubek Spirit create arts and crafts. Many elements are up-cycled and all crafts are created with a happy heart.


Generally, we tour local arts and craft fairs selling our goods. We also paint unique canvasses and deliver locally.


In addition, we do fortune telling for fun. We use mainly rubek stones, tarot, angel cards and runes. We do our readings at mind, body, spirit fairs or in your home. Party entertainment is available.


Regular Reiki sessions will be available from Autum. If you would like to offer yourself for practice sessions, please just ask.

The Fairys

Watch this space . . . . The Fairys are coming!

Magic Fairy Wands £3 each

Bringing in the bling for spring

Canvas Paintings: Second Collection

Prices of bespoke canvas paintings

(sizes approximate as available canvases can vary)

Small (20x20cm) = £7:50

Medium (25x30cm) = £12:50

Large (40x40cm) = £17:50

Long/Child's Name (60x20cm) = £20 - £25 depending on number of letters.

Hanging Window Crystals

Hand Painted Flower Pots

Small (11cm high) = £7:50

Medium (14cm high) = £10:00

Large (17cm high) = £12:50

Extra Large (19cm high) = £15:00


Home grown sunflowers (Little Leo) in hand decorated pots.

  Canvas Paintings:                                            First Collection

PLEASE NOTE: The well known book character paintings were donated. I do not sell these due to copyright. The canvases for sale are the unique designs.


Any type of rune you wish can be created, just send an enquiry and I will create unique pieces to your specifications.

Glass jars and decorated wood.


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Rebecca Edwards

07711 16 22 35


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