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Positive Energies in a Global Pandemic

Please do not think that because I am writing this, I am any sort of Mary Poppins. I too am suffering a rollercoaster of emotions and at times struggling to keep control. It is because of this that I write this article.

As I sit here in week one out of a minimum of 12 (which follows two weeks previously of social distancing), I am facing isolation due to my severe asthma. I am, or rather was, self-employed. I have had zero income since 23rd March 2020 and have had the rug totally pulled out from under my business. I normally work from home and that brings a multitude of people into my house – something I cannot now do. In fact, it’s something that I may not be able to return to for a long time, as people will probably have to look elsewhere while the world opens back up, all the while I am still ‘incarcerated’ in my home. This is not a pity party, this is me giving you context on what has motivated me to write this article in the hopes that others in the same position can be re-assured that they are not alone.  I miss being able to physically connect with people, and I suspect that is the same for a lot of people right now.

But, I am a believer in energy, and I am also a believer in fate and it has been this enforced pause on my life that has made me ask – why is this happening? I feel I have been dealt two choices:-

  1. Sit at home being angry, frustrated and allow my anxiety to take over while feeling totally out of control.
  2. Use the tools within my home to help others and gain focus and control for myself.

I am trying my best to focus on option 2 and the following beliefs and ideas are what is helping me to do that:-

Energy Concepts

One of the things I do is healing work. I am a Reiki practitioner and offer Reiki sessions. Reiki in a very simple nutshell is energy healing. I have studied to become attuned to energies and how to get them flowing the way they should for optimum health. You cannot just be a Reiki healer; it is a long and complicated process to get it right. Therefore, I have a skill that not everybody does and I shall focus on it to help others.

What is energy and how can we feel it?

Everyone is unique and every being has its own energy; indeed some may say that all we are is energy. The quickest way to connect with your energy is through your hands and your breath. I will give some examples in a minute.

Why is energy so important at the moment?

Aside from the need to keep going, stay healthy and have the energy to make changes to our life in order to survive, energy can have positive and negative associations and if that goes out of balance globally, I believe that we will all struggle as a human race.

So . . . when you feel anxious, angry or frustrated, you manifest negative energy. This negativity can become all-consuming and over shadow the positive energy.

Balance is, however, important. If we did not have positive and negative energy then batteries would not work. Let us imagine that everyone in the world is feeling more negative energy than usual, the world has therefore become imbalanced. We cannot change what other people think, however, we can change what we, ourselves think. It is important to accept and address the negative as without it, we cannot see that balance and appreciate the positive. We will never change everyone in the world to have purely positive energy as some people are innately selfish.

Methods to control your own energy input and output

The breath

Anyone who has ever done yoga, you may already be well connected to the use of the breath.

Breathing is fuel for the body and therefore, energy. In yin yoga, we are encouraged to breathe into our stretches sending the breath to the areas which hurt or we know need more help/healing.

If thoughts are energy then we need to control our input and output. A very simple breathing exercise is to inhale positive thoughts and exhale negative ones. In terms of balance – it is important that we address and accept the negative thoughts before sending them off. Sometimes, these thoughts still linger and that is fine.

Sit quietly and undisturbed for a few moments thinking about what is worrying you and equally, what you want to achieve for yourself. Breathe your positive intentions in for 4 counts and breathe the negative out for 4 counts. You can also pause for 4 counts each side if required. Make sure that you can visualise the breath going up and releasing into the sky. You don’t want to trap your breath in your room/home and you don’t want to send your negativity at anyone else. As you breathe in, you can visualise energy coming into your body, fuelling your health and bringing about a more positive mentality.

Your hands

Hold your hands out in front of you, turn your palms to the sky and try not to have any gaps between your fingers. It may help to imagine that you have a crystal ball in each hand. Look to your right hand and imagine strength – the Yang. Look to your left hand and imagine softness and yielding – the Yin. Turn your hands into each other to create a sphere shape. You could imagine holding a tennis ball between them. Now focus on that feeling between your hands. Many people will feel tingling, warmth, heaviness or a magnetic feeling (attracting or repelling). This is your energy. You can do what you like with that energy. Here are some suggestions:-

  1. Play with the energy – how far can you move your hands apart yet still feel it?
  2. Look into the centre of your hands and visualise what you want to achieve now, in the future, out of life. Raise your hands up above your head keeping your focal point on your hands. As you do so, open the hands while remaining connected to the feeling of the energy. Throw your intention up into the air like a ball then catch it and bring it back towards your heart.
  3. Expand the energetic feeling to create an imaginary bubble of golden light to seal you, your family, those you care about in a protective shield.
  4. Bring your sealed hands to your forehead, close your eyes and visualise your future goals and dreams.
  5. Look into the centre of your hands and visualise a golden healing light of protection. Raise your hands up above your head keeping your focal point on your hands. Now throw your hands up above your head and stretch your fingers out, look up to the sky and imagine that you are throwing out hundreds and thousands of bubbles of golden energy. Those bubbles are for those who need more support at the moment.

Positivity is contagious!

The most contagious thing right now is not Covid-19 but energy! If you are worried, your family will worry and anyone they are speaking to will feed off that worry. However, if you are being positive then this too will be caught by other people.

I spent some time in the late 1990s talking to some Hari Krishna Monks in the street. Where I went to University, there were several that would just roam around outside Morrisons talking to people. One valuable conversation was the power of “Gouranga!” which simply means “Be Happy!” This is how the Hari Krishna greeted everyone and many of us at University also adopted this greeting which has a movement attached. You take one foot off the floor, point both index fingers to the sky at the same time as bobbing your head down and bending your supporting leg and bringing your raised knee up. You make eye contact with the person you are greeting, smile and shout “Gouranga!”. Try it – it genuinely feels good!

When we are all back to mixing with each other, I hope that we can all think better about how we connect. I am not suggesting we shout “Gouranga!” at each other (although it is fun!). Maybe we can, as a Western Cultured society, hopefully use this experience to learn to smile and make eye contact a bit more. Maybe, when this isolation has passed on, enjoy the freedom and choice we will have again to connect positively with other human beings. You never know how someone might be feeling and how a smile can lift someone’s day.

So, I encourage you not to choose option 1, but to start the new pandemic today! – Positivity is infectious - Be Happy!

Rubek Spirit

Rubek Spirit offers Reiki sessions, readings (card, stones and pendulum) and pagan crafts.


Readings costs £25:00 a time.

Bec can do two types of reading:-

1) Cards (Tarot, angel, witches oracle)

2) Rubek stones followed by a 3 card spread and pendulum answers to specific questions.

Both types of reading can come with additional messages from spirit.

The readings can be done in person, on the phone or written down and posted or emailed.

Readings take between 30 and 45 minutes. 


Reiki sessions cost £25:00 for one hour.


What is Reiki?

To me, Reiki is energy healing. Reiki draws energies from the Earth, channels them through the healer into the client and recycles them back through the Earth.


Reiki uses the chakra to balance energies throughout the body. The chakra's are mainly made up of seven points in the body which are viewed as having a different colour each. The base chakra is red and in the pelvic area, the next one up is in the lower belly and is orange, then we get to the lower rib cage and lungs which is yellow. Next up is the green heart chakra which is followed by the blue throat chakra. The head is indigo and the crown (top of the head) is violet - the colours of the rainbow.

I personally also work with the star chakra as well as the other seven chakra's. The star chakra is often seen as white and it is a metre or so under our feet.


What to expect from a Reiki treatment

The treatment itself is set up in a similar manner to a masage. However, the treatment can be done hands on or hands off. This will be discussed with you at the start.

Once comfortable on the massage table, I spend a few moments focussing before I begin. I start with the crown chakra and work all the way down the body (avoiding the private areas) to the toes. I perform a 'blowing away of the cobwebs' ritual then you turn over and we go through the chakra from head to toe with you lying on your front.

At the end, I sweep down your body a few times then 'seal' the fresh energies before finishing.


Where can the treatment be done?

I offer in my home or yours.

If it is in your home, it needs to be in a downstairs room where there are no distractions.

Fairy Bec

Fairy Hair is a sparkly material that is tied in to the top of your hair. It is a kind of hair extension and lasts as long as the hair is attached to your head.

Fairy hair costs £1 per strand. 10 strands are reccomended for a good effect.

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  Canvas Paintings:                                            First Collection

PLEASE NOTE: The well known book character paintings were donated. I do not sell these due to copyright. The canvases for sale are the unique designs.


Any type of rune you wish can be created, just send an enquiry and I will create unique pieces to your specifications.

Glass jars and decorated wood.

Many Pagans, Wiccans and healers alike pick their own herbs and dry them out. I can create bespoke jars for you to keep them in.


The decorated wood is very personal. They can be used for may things including magic wands for spirit work, play or display. Send me your requirements and I shall create something magical for you.


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