The Old Crone

The Old Crone AKA Nita Simpson is a Pagan High Priestess and card reader.

Nita has been reading cards since the age of nine. Her journey into divination began with her aunt who always read tea leaves. 

 Nita's huge passion is to hold circle castings that align with the wheel of the year and the phases of the moon.

Nita is a wand maker and sets spells and potions to help those in need. She grows her own herbs and wand woods.

Nita also writes short stories and articles with a Pagan theme.


Price List

Over the phone = £25:00

Face to Face Reading = £30:00

Goddess Reading for the year = £35:00

Tarot Workshops = £20 per person in a group or £40 one to one

Accepted Payment Methods

Paypal - Bank Transfer/Invoice - Cash - Card

Contact The Old Crone directly at:


The Old Crone uses classic Rider Waite Tarot as well as Oracle Cards.

The Goddess Readings are created in two parts:-

1) The selection of the cards

2) The write up that is either emailed or you collect from GU34


The Old Crone writes for a range of publications including:

Circle Casting - The Basics
Part 1 of a series of articles in which The Old Crone discusses circle casting.
Circle basics.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [349.4 KB]
Words of Wisdom from The Old Crone
Words of Wisdom from the Old Crone.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [164.9 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [91.2 KB]
You can turn anything into a ritual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [87.9 KB]


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