Fairy Bec

Fairy Bec appeals to both children and adults.


Fairy Bec offers Fairy Hair, Readings, Reiki, Wellness, Pathworking Meditations and more.

Rubek   Spirit 

Rubek Spirit create many items for sale including runes, bespoke crystal pouches and spell bags.

Rubek Spirit has a focus on supporting people through their spiritual journeys.

The Old Crone

Words of wisdom from The Old Crone appeals to mainly adults.


The Old Crone also offers house blessings, card readings and circle casting.


Zoom Courses 2021

Rubek Company Manifesto

In an age where technology is starting to dictate how we interact with each other, the importance of coming together as humans is ever more present if we want to maintain our integrity.

Rubek seek to find light and fun in life so we can live it in the moment.

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