Fairy Bec

Fairy Bec AKA Rebecca Edwards is a healer, wellness guide and holistic health practitioner.

Bec completed her Reiki training back in 2013 and will use reiki energies in everything she does.

Being Pagan and following the wheel of the year is very important to Bec as she travels her life pathway. Bec often finds that people radiate towards her for help and advice which she gives with love and light as well as a handful of crystals.

Bec first picked up a pack of tarot cards aged 14. Her mother bought them for her along with a guide book.  Bec also uses stones and pendulum in her readings. A believer in exchanges of energy, Bec has been known to swap a reading for a bottle of mead!

Contact Fairy Bec directly at: fairybecadventures@hotmail.com

Fairy Hair

£15 for a fairy hair crown. Keep an eye on the home page for events where Fairy Bec is making an appearance or contact us to book a group event.


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£21 for a reading. I usually have three stages to a full reading:-

1) An in depth look at your question or situation using Rubek stones.

2) A three card spread for past, present and future.

3) Pendulum questions.

I can also do a full card spread using the celtic cross layout with any of my tarot or oracle cards.

Readings can be done via email (full card spread only), phone or video chat if you are not local or attending one of Fairy Bec's events.

Pathworking Meditation

Please visit the Fairy Bec page on eFacebook for free live meditations.


Reiki sessions with Bec are £33 for the hour.


What is Reiki?

A Reiki session could be described as somewhere between a massage and a meditation.

Reiki is a technique of healing whereby the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch or holding their hand near the patient. Reiki is supposed to activate natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.


What happens in a reiki session?

When you arrive you will have a chat about your general health.

You will then lye on your back on a massage table and the therapist will hold their hand on or just above key areas of your body from head to toe. You will turn over and the same will be down to your back. The therapist stands to the right of you as you lie on your back and travels down the table.

You may talk about thoughts, feelings and sensations during the session but you don’t have to. There will be relaxing music to help you wind down.

You will remain fully clothed but you are advised to wear comfortable trousers.


You cannot have reiki performed if:

  • You are type 1 diabetic
  • You have a pacemaker
  • You have a broken bone
  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Skincare and Apothecary


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