Fairy Bec

Fairy Bec AKA Rebecca Edwards is a spiritual reader, writer, healer, teacher, wellness guide and holistic health practitioner.


Being Pagan and following the wheel of the year is very important to Bec as she travels her life pathway. Bec often finds that people radiate towards her for help and advice which she reguarly gives with love, light and often a handful of crystals too!


Bec first picked up a pack of tarot cards aged 14. Her mother bought them for her along with a guide book.  Bec also often uses stones and pendulum in her readings. A believer in exchanges of energy, Bec has been known to swap a reading for a bottle of mead!

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Contact Fairy Bec directly at: fairybecadventures@hotmail.com

Fairy Hair

Fairy Hair Care

Fairy hair is sparkly bits of very thin tinsel-like strands that get tied to individual hairs. Therefore, if you comb or brush rigourously, you will pull the hair it is attached to out of your head and the fairy hair with it.

I usually stock over 20 different colours to chose from.

You can gently straighten and blow dry your hair when it has fairy hair attached to it. It has been known that some hair dyes are fine and don't affect the fairy hair but it is not advised to bleach your hair with Fairy Hair attached.


Classic Card Reading

I use a celtic cross spread and have a huge range of cards for you to pick from e.g. tarot, money focus, shamanic, flowers, skulls, angel cards.

These readings last around 45 minutes.


Reading with stones, cards and pendulum

1) An in depth look at your question or situation using Rubek stones.

2) A three card spread for past, present and future.

3) Pendulum questions.

I can also do a full card spread using the celtic cross layout with any of my tarot or oracle cards.

These readings last around 60 minutes.


Although I do not call myself a medium, I do get messages through from spirit that are relevant for you at the time. These can often be from ones who have passed on. 

I can also read your aura and tell you if I see any spirit guides around you.

 Pathworking Meditations and Esoteric Courses

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Skincare and Apothecary

Published Articles

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